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New generation wall panels are versatile. 

You can use WALL+ in kitchens, wet rooms, living rooms, bed rooms etc.


What is WALL+?

WALL+ is a Finnish surface material concept and a registered trademark. Our production is in Salo, and the registered office of the company is in Helsinki. Our first collection, One, includes next generation wall panels. In 2013, home decor journalists chose WALL+ as one of the most interesting home decor products in Finland (Toimittajien Tusina Awards). These next generation wall panels are versatile: you can use them in the bathroom and wet areas, in the kitchen, and other rooms. They can replace ceramic tiles, among other things, and you can fit them on top of ceramic tiles and other materials easily with glue. Our wall panels are made of hard wood composite; they are solid and thoroughly tinted. You can paint on them, and they are waterproof. In only a few hours, you can change the look of your home, without previous renovating experience.


A home decor that urges us to look closely is what we think as successful. WALL+ wall panels are fit for harmonic home decor, but their elaborate design wakes up your senses when looked at closely. Our wall panels also come in vivid colours to bring that something extra to your home. You can saw them to a desired shape and use your imagination. We would be happy to see pictures of WALL+ walls you have built.

  You can download the online brochure HERE


Do it yourself in few hours.


1. Measure the wall and make a plan

Good planning speeds up the work. Measure the walls and plan the setting of the panels. It is worthwhile to use a level to make the first row straight. If the panel distribution isn’t even, plan ahead the cutting of the panels. Remember to include the joint gap in the measurements. Try to place whole panels on the most visible places and the cut panels in more imperceptible places. Take a further look at the assembling manual here. 


2. Glue the panels to the wall

WALL+ wall panels are easy and quick to attach with assembling glue. You’ll find a list of recommended glues from the assembly manual. You can leave a small joint gap between the panels or set the panels next to each other (butt joint). Remember to look at the manual for instructions for making expansion joints. Keep the panel firmly in place when working or cutting it. You must handle the panels with both hands.


3. Finish your WALL+ wall

When you have glued the panels to the wall, you can finish your wall by filling panel joints with acrylic mass. You can also use silicon. You can paint the wall if you like, but remember the paint does not adhere well to silicon. There is more information about jointing in the manual. When the joints have dried, you can wipe the wall with a wet, lint-free cloth.



DOWNLOAD the manuals and certificates here 

  • Model-specific manuals downloadable HERE (for models AALTO, LIUSKE, TÄHTI and PUU)
  • CE certificate of the basic collection HERE
  • If you want to paint WALL+ panels, the painting instructions are HERE (coming up!)
  • If you need help with assembling, you can call us on 020 734 1240 or send email to info@wallplus.fi. We are happy to help. 

Why choose WALL+ ?


Our innovative wood composite is hard as rock. 100 % reusable safe material.


Attached with glue or mortar, does not splinter when sawing. You can drill holes or paint on it.



The design and production are done in Finland. Finland is named the world's safest country


Because of lightness, assembling and transport is easier


Goes well in kitchen and bathroom. Cleanable with all detergents (if the panels are painted, ask about cleaning from the paint manufacturer).


WALL+ wall panel can take strong blows without splitting if it is mounted to the wall according to instructions. 


You can address all things to the WALL+ info by phone +358 20 734 1240 or by email info@wallplus.fi

Quick answers to messages sent by Facebook. You will find us at facebook.com/wallplus.fi. Press the ”SEND A MESSAGE” -button.

WALL+ production is in Satamakatu 5, Salo, Finland. Our headquarters is in Helsinki, but we have not yet opened customer premises.